Three Square Market President Promotes Human Chipping and the “Internet of People”

Three Square Market President Patrick McMullen is featured in this YouTube video recorded at the Wisconsin Innovator Luncheon in January 2018.

It’s clear from this presentation that Three Square Market is moving forward full-force with its plan to microchip people, something McMullen hopes will “change the world.” The company has even applied for a trademark on the tag line “The Internet of People.”

In the video he mentions a number of human chipping projects underway, including the chipping of an unnamed dementia patient in Puerto Rico.  Reportedly, the family can track this elderly gentleman via a smartphone app (likely a phone that the man carries).

McMullen also shares that the Three Square Market snack kiosk company has another business called Turnkey Corrections, a company that provides services to prisons. That associated company is using microchips to track prisoners, as well employees. For example, food service employees cannot access the prison food handling area until their embedded RFID chips (or exterior RFID wristbands) signal that their hands have been washed.

Teachers and students in the company’s Wisconsin headquarters town of River Falls are also getting the Three Square treatment. Reportedly they are all being tracked via RFID for everything from attendance, to homework, to cafeteria payments.

But the myriad of uses don’t stop there. McMullen cites the benefits of RFID chipping and tracking for proactive healthcare, mental health, substance abuse and addictions, like gambling. The RFID chips “tell” on those who break rules or who visit restricted places, like casinos, horse tracks, and places where drug dealers frequent.

This all builds up to the ultimate plan: smart cities.

If you are interested in RFID and human tracking, this is a must-see video for insights into the plans of human chipping purveyors.