CAMCAT Founder Liz McIntyre

Liz McIntyre founded CAMCAT (Citizens Against Marking, Chipping and Tracking) to advocate legislation that guarantees citizens the right to reject invasive technology, like RFID implants, without fear of losing the right to work or participate in society.

McIntyre is a consumer privacy thought leader widely recognized for the bestseller Spychips she co-authored with fellow advocate Dr. Katherine Albrecht. Spychips, winner of the Lysander Spooner Award for Advancing the Literature of Liberty, lays out the dangers of microchip tracking technology.

For information about the Spychips series of books, see

Liz McIntyre speaks with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! about Spychips and human microchip implants on March 1, 2006. The show was broadcast to over 400 stations nationwide.


McIntyre writes and speaks about the implications of consumer surveillance and is often featured in broadcast and print media. She has shared her views on shows like Forbes, Allan Handelman, Thom Hartmann, Greg Allen, CBC Radio, Coast to Coast, BBC Radio, WBAI’s “Law and Disorder,” and Kiss FM’s “Open Line.”

Her TV appearances include Democracy Now!, CNBC Squawkbox, RT News, Fox & Friends, and other programs where she has discussed the privacy implications of human tracking technology, like the proposed injection of  microchip implants into military personnel, the elderly, and immigrants.

Singer/songwriter Jimmie Vaughan, Liz McIntyre, and 2004 Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Badnarak. Vaughan said he was inspired to record the song “Shackles on Me” after reading Spychips.


McIntyre also works as a communications consultant for privacy-focused companies, including the private search engine and the private email service Both are services designed to help protect consumers against surveillance.

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